Random Rollicks: Sieben

Have you ever had one of those days where you pray, wish, need for everything in the Universe to go right only for the opposite to happen? Car breaks down on the way to a crucial meeting, pet emergency on date night, skies open to pour minutes after an expensive blow dry, skin rash on your wedding day…

I was supposed to write today. Today, – the Saturday that was – was the day I had chosen for myself to be myself. After a thorough contemplation with the divine, whereby I was assured there’d be no interruptions to my day be it work or otherwise, I’d planned to hijack my brother’s work desk, lock myself in a room, put my Patari playlist on loop and work on my upcoming submissions until my fingers could type no more.

And yeah, you guessed it. Didn’t. Happen.

Not because the words didn’t arrive but because pretty much everything else did, too. And you know what’s the best and the worst part? [Yep, both are the same.] My overloaded brain managed to conjure up a couple great ideas and lines while it was busy dealing with mini-crises. Thus, despite not being able to work on my submissions, today was one of the most productive writing days of my week.

To find that I think, create better when I am pressed for time makes me wonder what it is I am, we are as people? We are what we do, yes? So, are we the person we spend our days being or the one we aspire, inspire to be? 

I don’t mean to say that creativity doesn’t require time and effort because, oh, of course it does. [The ideas I scribbled today will need days if not weeks of polishing and editing before they can become moderately salvagable.] Rather, I mean to say that maybe creativity requires more than just inspiration. It requires challenge. Quest. Of time, geography, space both mental and physical. 

Art, it seems, like love, must at times play hard to get or we wouldn’t cherish it so. And, let’s be honest, what’s the point otherwise, right?

How about you? Do you have your best ideas when your brain’s too preoccupied to to do anything about it? Do you wish it wasn’t so? Tell me about a day where all went wrong but you somehow came out better because of it…

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