Random Rollicks: Acht

Human ideas of romance and love are so dependent upon completion. Movies and songs celebrate lasting relationships, books cheer forever and happily ever afters. And thus, we often spend our life secretly looking for a mad, deep, irreversible kind of love, unaware that a large part of this search merely comes from the desire to belong. To become the center of someone’s world.

However, what we often forget in this quest is that to wish for love is also to wish for it to enter your life through you, not necessarily for you. Making someone’s world is prerequisite to becoming it’s center. Becoming a home is essential to belonging. The sun, after all, does burn for the moon to shine.

And there in lies the paradox because sometimes you may find the love you yearn for, but it may not find you. But how, where do you find the courage to cherish this one-sided bond when all your ideals are centered to a complete, immortal love? We often believe it wasn’t really meant to be because it did not last. A wish unfulfilled must have lacked vigor and divine providence. And yet the universe riddled with with unrequited love stories. ‘Cuz the sun may always burn but the moon does wane, and it yearns for the ocean even when not visible.

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