Write-It-October Recap!

And October has come to its end.

It’s been a delightful month, both day-job and writing wise. This last week got a little hectic because I got sick but other than that, I have to say its been a breeze. Despite joining an Instagram Author’s challenge, I didn’t write as much as I expected. The writing prompts did help in idea generation [you can find the list attached in any of my Insta posts, link given below] but I’m afraid I missed a lot of prompts due to work. However, the lack of quantity had a rather positive effect on my work quality wise. I may have written less but I wrote better so I’m taking that to heart and breezing straight into another Author’s Challenge for November.

Meanwhile, here’s a recap of all my October posts:

Book Review: Bringing Down the Duke

One of the best debuts of 2019! An intelligent, spinster bluestocking falls for the mysterious, callous Duke and hilarity ensues. Any HR reader would presume it’s a plot they’ve encountered before but the story is told originally and set against the fascinating backdrop 19th century Women’s Suffrage Movement. A thoroughly enjoyable read!

Prompt # 1: When Lightning Strikes…

It’s true that the Author’s Challenge prompts were mean to reveal true moments/thoughts about the writer him/herself. But I decided to take them as writing prompts instead and used the phrases to write flash fiction and/or short stories. Wanna read one? Just click on the image above!

Prompt # 2: A Writing Distraction…

This post is probably the only one where I followed the prompts as close to their directives as possible. It’s not a piece of fiction or prose, but a factual account of what distracts me from putting pen to paper as well as the thoughts that follow before and after…

Prompt # 3: You Get One Wish…

Oh, I had a lot of fun writing this. It’s a little piece of whimsy I wrote in the middle of a strict deadline but I was rather surprised – happy – with the way it came out.

Prompt # 4: In A Writer’s Shoes…

This was probably the only prompt here I didn’t have to actively think about what I would write and for this reason, it came straight deepest parts of me. As soon as I read the prompt, registered it, I know what I’d be writing and the words flowed like monsoon rain.


Not a part of the Author’s Challenge, this is a Micro Tale I wrote on a whimsy and I adore this piece. I’m thinking about using parts of it in my WIP.

Prompt # 5: Favorite Writing Pen…

This was one of my most favorite prompts as it allowed me to write about this one cherished object – my writing pencil. A gift from a friend, I’m obsessed with it and never leave the house without it!

Prompt # 6: Content…

This was actually a repost of a writing exercise I took part on another social media platform. The challenge was to write/create characters and define them as clearly as possible within a given word limit. I enjoyed it enough that I’m trying to make a habit out of it.

Diary of a Working Writer…

There are some pieces that come straight from the heart, some that crawl out of your soul or gnaw at your mind until yo give in to all the churning emotion and let everything out. But there are some words that reveal themselves only out of anger and exhaustion and this was one such piece. I wrote it to cheer myself up when someone close to me ruined what had been a really fantastic work day with an unwanted, uncalled-for tantrum. After being upset for about ten minutes, I decided to channel all the toxic resentment into satire and lo and behold, this came out. That my friends and family had a good laugh over it was the added bonus!

Prompt # 7: Knock, Knock…

Oh, I had so much fun writing this I almost didn’t post it! Let me explain. Doors are a weakness of mine and when I set to write this, I also started searching for appropriate images to go with it. Suffice it say, after exhausting myself downloading hundreds of images, I randomly selected one and put it up.

Book Review: Strange the Dreamer Duology

Probably my most favorite post this entire month. This series has been on my TBR for years and I was finally able to get to it due to an extended sick leave. Suffice it to say, I’ve never be more thankful about flu!

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