Random Rollicks: Elf

Have you ever been to a beach, or any village or city by the sea? Magical spaces, aren’t they? Heavy and weightless. Dense and floating. Infinite and contained. And yet all that power, the energy converges seamlessly at the shore.

Because really, it’s the shore that matters.

The threshold between land and living, human and horizon. One long, minuscule space between two everlasting heartbeats.

Have you stood at that edge, between water and sand, connected to both, kin to none? There’s that shadow of a second, when a wave drenches your knees and your heels slip in the sand, and it feels like the water will drag you down, drown you in its depths.

Your heart lurches, your soul sighs.

So effervescent is that moment that often, that’s all you remember of your day on the beach. That moment and the colors, the sky and the laughter. All things happy. All things free.

Caught in your dwindling obscurity, you fail to notice the divorce happening before your eyes. The way one seamless wave halves itself into two on its way to the shore. One returns to the ocean, the other crumbles on the sand. Both forever lost, and never found.

Does that mean it’s in the nature of all things similar to divide or repel?

Opposites do, indeed, attract, both in charges and life. But human emotion is a thing of trickery and after a while, that magnetic pull you so craved can start to feel more obligation than choice. More compulsion than desire.

But while duty is often a proud, powerful aphrodisiac, it is seldom gratifying. And so, eventually, the symbol that was meant to demarcate you, ends up defining, containing your self.

Perhaps it makes sense then that all things wild try to break free of their containing origins. Buds sprout from seeds and through the earth. Waves run from oceans, and light, from the moon.  

Love may come in any shape and form, but it need not be dutiful.

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