About The Author

Hi, I’m A. Perveen, an obsessive reader, voracious plant lover [and killer ‘cuz born without a green thumb] and secret scribbler, and I write because it brings me joy. I’ve decided to invade this small virtual space because my spirit animal[s] is tired of hiding between the pages of my unreadable notebooks.

Sarāb-e-Sukhan [Urdu for Mirage of Language] is a personal blog. A lexical record of the unraveling contents of my curious mind, and an inquest of me, as a person, becoming. The tentacles of ideas expressed here may reach across a wealth of disciplines – stories, musings, reviews, and, occasionally, rants – but the central ethos is to explore the creative force of the written word.

Language has been an art since before the word ‘art’ existed. Humans took what’s essentially understood as an evolutionary necessity and taught themselves to weave stories and dreams. Magic was borne not from outside, but within the circles of survival, like a wildflower that springs from a crack in the concrete.

Consequently, the writings here are founded amid my circles. Infinitesimal pockets of silence carved inside the loud, bustling chaos that’s my sleepless city; unheard daydreams crafted from the cerebral pool of my inexhaustible interests. I hope, dear reader, you will enjoy them.

“Oftentimes a word shall speak what accumulated volumes have labored in vain to utter: there may be years of crowded passion in a word, and half a life in a sentence…” ~ Thomas Wentworth Higginson

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