“Why him?” he asked, stopping by the edge of the doorway. He gestured at the mirrors in the thrift shop’s narrow entryway, pointed at his many reflections. “Why are you marrying him?”

Amused, she quirked an eyebrow. “Is that a serious question, or your way of telling me I could do so much better?”

All That Glitters…

Twin ghosts that looked liked her but were about as real as a half-forgotten day dream started back at her. None of them was truly her, she knew. But which of them defined her? Was she the gossamer-like creature as fragile as a wisp, or the solid, assertive body next to it?

Nonrenewable Love

A silence hung between them. Undisturbed and dense, like the unseen depths of a clouded lake. It was excitable though, this silence. New, unheard but radiant still, like all things her. Like love…


“Why do you insist on hiding your nightmares?” he asked. “I know you can slay your own monsters, but why won’t you let me hold you?”