Book Review: The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Rising from the ocean of imagination comes a tale of unparalleled originality. A myth so blissful, it beacons like a lighthouse and harbors your soul within the mesmerizing cocoon of its dark, thundering gravity.

Origami Dragons

The practical tone would have irritated if it wasn’t so edged with fear. Fear of being seen, heard, hunted. Of being haunted…


The road was dark with no streetlights but the soft glow of multiple phone screens lit up the bus’ interior…

Silence and Light…

Something was going on him. Something troubling… The first two times in the restaurant she’d trumped it up to be another novel social experiment. The third and fourth at his place she’d thought he was having a bad week. But after the fifth time at her apartment and two weeks of just texting, it became clear…

Photo Stories: Guardians

“Alone is different from lonely.”

“Which have you been?” she couldn’t help but ask.

His gaze lifted, bored into hers. “Without you? Both.”


“Why him?” he asked, stopping by the edge of the doorway. He gestured at the mirrors in the thrift shop’s narrow entryway, pointed at his many reflections. “Why are you marrying him?”

Amused, she quirked an eyebrow. “Is that a serious question, or your way of telling me I could do so much better?”