Unsigned Love Letters: Magic In A Bottle

You’d be happy to know that today, I have finally accepted that it is futile, unbecomingly so, to wish for the untethered vestiges of my mind to morph my image of you…


“Why him?” he asked, stopping by the edge of the doorway. He gestured at the mirrors in the thrift shop’s narrow entryway, pointed at his many reflections. “Why are you marrying him?”

Amused, she quirked an eyebrow. “Is that a serious question, or your way of telling me I could do so much better?”

Unsigned Love Letters: To Love Is To Know – Part II

The cherry tree outside my window is so full of flowers, its ready to burst and if you were here, I’d spin a tale – for your ears alone – of a brief burst of love as bright and rare as the pink in bloom…